Compiled by Shewolfe and Beatrix Graveguard of Astral Projection Radio Hour, "this 14-song set is full of dance-worthy tunes, shout-it-out anthems and a handful of the “sonic spells” they’re famous for..."
12:40pm, 7/31/2015
The Frail pushes pop and electronic boundaries to create music that is a hybrid of indie, pop, synth, Top 40 and electro.
9:23am, 7/02/2015
A Shot in the Dark @ Pops 8/6 9pm
Say bon voyage to the embodiment of Eric Pietras (don't worry he's not leaving the airwaves, just SF) at a special A Shot in the Dark DJ set with DJ Dan Baber!
10:49am, 7/31/2015
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10:41pm, 5/08/2015
If you've ever loved Suicide and psych music, the Space Blue cassette release will find its way into your heart.
7:55pm, 5/06/2015
Norwegian indie pop group embraces a laid-back hook and lets it ride.
4:38pm, 5/04/2015
John Krautner's "Good at the Bad Things," Detroit garage pop just in time for summer.
7:45pm, 4/23/2015
Kids Get Grids is new but true to old school Braid.
8:44pm, 4/11/2015
Ross Gentry once again makes his mark in the drone world with his newest record under the Villages moniker.
11:39am, 3/17/2015
The third full length from Melbourne, Australia’s Dick Diverhas all the DNA of an indie pop masterpiece.
11:39am, 3/12/2015
A stunning record that honors and completely reinvents American folk music all at once.
9:04pm, 3/10/2015
A bare bones synth-pop dance tune becomes much more while staying true to its core.
7:21pm, 3/10/2015
Ben Folds on a NyQuil Bender