ALREADY? AUUUUUUGH! Anyway, thank YOU for continuing to make our tiny station so god damned awesome!
10:59am, 9/02/2015
Deep, primal and ecstatic soulfulness from Denver, CO - 9/9, 9pm. Win: 1 pair of tickets. Contest ends Sep 8 at 12pm.
11:13am, 7/30/2015
BFF.fm 2nd Birthday Bash!
Celebrate with us at a slumber party-themed extravaganza full of awesome local music from Future Twin, Niteppl, The Silhouette Era, Make It Funky DJs, PLUS tons of surprises, and drink specials from our friends at Pabst Blue Ribbon!
3:38pm, 8/25/2015
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5:10pm, 8/24/2015
A nostalgic Indian Summer punk anthem.
10:41pm, 5/08/2015
If you've ever loved Suicide and psych music, the Space Blue cassette release will find its way into your heart.
7:55pm, 5/06/2015
Norwegian indie pop group embraces a laid-back hook and lets it ride.
4:38pm, 5/04/2015
John Krautner's "Good at the Bad Things," Detroit garage pop just in time for summer.
7:45pm, 4/23/2015
Kids Get Grids is new but true to old school Braid.
8:44pm, 4/11/2015
Ross Gentry once again makes his mark in the drone world with his newest record under the Villages moniker.
11:39am, 3/17/2015
The third full length from Melbourne, Australia’s Dick Diverhas all the DNA of an indie pop masterpiece.
11:39am, 3/12/2015
A stunning record that honors and completely reinvents American folk music all at once.
9:04pm, 3/10/2015
A bare bones synth-pop dance tune becomes much more while staying true to its core.